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1) What were you like as a teenager?
I was a total math and science geek who was also everyone's friend and a total swim jock. I was super studious and was a total 'girlfriend' (seeing as how I was in a relationship almost all of high school.

2) What is or was your favourite board game?
Monopoly, and I used to love that popping game... um... bubble in the middle... cannot remember the name. And Trivial Pursuit.

3) What is your boss like? If you don't have a boss, describe someone else in your life instead.
My most recent boss has been fired... haha so my pseudo-boss, ie. the Pres of the company is amazing - I totally look up to him, he is a great leader and totally inspiring.

4) What is your Myers-Brigg type?
I am an ISFJ.

5) What was one thing that happened to you that completely changed your direction in life?
Probably quitting swimming in OAC... stopped me from taking a scholarship to swim and learn in the US. I ended up at Western, where Niall and I ended up living together and solidifying our friendship which led to him becoming my very best friend.
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