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it's a little late in the day... but...

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hey, you're not late... Christmas lasted well into last night for some of us ;)
Merry Christmas Linds =D
I was just thinking this morning about how I hadn't seen anything from you in a while. I figured that since I hadn't been posting recently due to things improving in my life, you must be experiencing a similar period of non-journaling real life-ness.

So I checked it out and realized why... :(

hope things are going well for you. happy 007 Red.
hey there... sorry.... I just didn't find we had much in common (other than the fact that we both were looking for relationships) and I did a little list cleaning overall.

I hope all is well with you - and I wish you a happy 007 as well :)
merry one-month-belated xmas :-)

ok, so this is the last entry I can see other than the GA posting from today (Jan 26), and I don't want to spoil my watching of GA. I hope things have been going well for you the past few months!