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Happy Birthday Dan!!!

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hapy birthday!
Thanks, Hannah!

It was sunny today! The trees have finally gone to blossom and leaf (in less than 24 hours, from sometime close to dawn on Saturday, their buds all exploded into a season of fresh, new green)! Colleagues bought me cake this afternoon! Co-actors and actresses and bartenders bought me drinks (like Pepsi and beer!) at -- and after -- the rehearsal this evening.

So. It was a happy birthday, today!

(at least until I got home to catch the tail-end of tonight's 10 o'clock news...)

Cheers, m'lady! You rock!
Thanks, Lindsay!

You rock this party.

I'm coming back soom, so we'll do that dinner I owe you.

Oh, and, uh... unless I die before I actually arrive back home in Canada (in August)... I'll have won the Bet.


hahaha ah yes, the Bet.