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Shades of Red

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I work at a Publishing company in marketing and sales and I love my job ;)

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beach volleyball, being devilish, being loved, books, bridget jones, british comedy, broken social scene, canadian gothic, candace bushnell, candlelight, candles, caramel macchiato, cats, chapters, cheese, christian bale, cockatiels, coffee, colin firth, cooking, cosmopolitans, cuddling, dane cook, darren's cooking, dave matthews band, david duchovny, diana gabaldon, donovan, english, eye sex, feeling loved, feta cheese, fiction, fiona walker, flirting, gillian anderson, glenn stanway, good books, greek food, grey's anatomy, importance of being earnest, intimacy, ipods, italian food, jack johnson, jamie oliver, jane austen, jazz, john irving, julia roberts, junk food, kittens, laughing, lie with me, lightning, listening, literature, london ontario, louise bagshawe, love, making out, margaret atwood, margaritas, maroon 5, martini bar, martinis, mcdreamy, men, men's cologne, misbehaving, miss match, modern drama, movies, mr darcy, mulder, nice guys, nick drake, nip/tuck, olivia goldsmith, oscar wilde, pasta, poetry, publishing, quiet dinners, rain storms, reading, red wine, rod stewart, romance, sarcasm, scully, sex, sex and the city, shakespeare, shopping, sliding doors, snakes on a plane, snuggling, starbucks, sting, survivor, swimming, tea, temptation, temptation island, the bachelor, the bachelorette, the beach, the naked chef, the pita pit, the thomas crown affair, the x-files, tim hortons, tom cruise, toronto, university of western ontario, used book stores, uwo, vacations, vanilla coke, vertical horizon, waiting for godot, warm beds, weddings, western, what about brian, will & grace, wine, writing, x-files