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I'm so bad

I didn't swim this morning... I just really didn't want to, and I was tired, and since I am not 16 anymore with a coach yelling at me when I don't show up and a mother making me go even when I don't want to... well I just didn't go.

But I do feel a smidge guilty... but whatever, stupid Londonboy won't even be there until Thursday night or Friday morning practice, and then he is gone for another week... which sucks... but oh well.

... ok... I should assess the situation at work... the Pres left me an article on my desk he wants me to read... someone brought in coffeecake... I have a tea... think I will slowly slip into this Monday morning...

... but before I go:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY fourcolours!!!!
Tags: darren, londonboy, mike, swimming
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