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stolen from Mikey

You are in your twenties
You can still hear reasonably well and you can play this without my old fart colleagues hearing it which makes you feel kinda good.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 15.8kHz
Find out which ringtones you can hear!
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...but only slightly. I can apparently hear up to 16.7 kHz. This tone disturbed Chicklet, however. According to the site, "I'm about 20." That's a nice birthday message, I guess. ;)
I got the same as you. Although my cat was quite disturbed by the higher pitched ones... her tail puffed right out :)

This is a neat test! It is quite fascinating to know that a sound is being played, but not be able to hear it. I wonder how many levels cats can hear.

I could hear 15.8, but I suspect that will change soon. How sad.

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well you're still better than me!