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some meme thingy

From prplemonkey:

Write a journal entry for this meme with six random facts about yourself. Then pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tag backs. These rules should be included in your entry.

1) I cannot stand carrot sticks and baby carrots - I gag when I try to eat them. However I can eat shredded carrot on salad, carrots in stew or soup or cooked with a roast, or a stirfry.

2) I own too many books - some books I know I will never read, because I am not even interested in the subject matter, but I can't throw them out or give them away, because I love books.

3) When I eat a salty snack I immediately want something super sweet, and vice versa. Sometimes I get caught in a loop of eating chips, then chocolate, then more chips, then chocolate... it's dangerous.

4) I make up games for myself on the subway - among my favourite is 'who is not dressed appropriately for the weather' and 'who is getting pissed off at the people around them'.

5) I have a magic 8 ball at work that was passed down to me from an editor at my old job - even though I don't always believe it, I sometimes use it to make decisions.

[EDIT: 6) I apparently have problems counting to six]

I tag: maggie3000, dropsofme, zeronobus, plizak, metawade, mglizak
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6) I can't count to six.
hahaha yes, that was the hidden fact.
I vill do it tomorrow.
But only 5 things? LIAR!

um... you should do this now :)
carrot sticks or baby carrots? What's up with that?

Mmmm chips and chocolate and more chips and more chocolate. Good combination ;p

Fun games!

And #5 is just funny.
I have no clue what is up with my raw carrot aversion... but *shudder* they are so gross.

mmmm chips and chocolate!
Hiya L!

I quite literally haven't been on LJ, or even checked my email related to it, for months and months! Before I started posting in my own journal, I thought I'd catch up with the happenings of the people on my flist. This is the first entry I don't remember seeing, so I'll start catching up chronologically from here! The fact that I'm actually tagged in this message is purely a coincidence, but is most kind of you.

I can kinda understand the carrot thingee. I once ate an entire bag of baby carrots, and since then I have something of an aversion. Darned negative conditioning and stimulus-response stuff can really mess with a persons appreciation of foods.

Can never own too many books!

I can definitely see the salty/sweet cycle being dangerous! I almost never crave salty, and only very rarely crave sweet, but when I do, I really like ultra sweet stuff.

P.S. Honestly, please do not feel an obligation to refriend - only if you'd like to.
Oh, I forgot to mention. I was amazed to discover a variety of postings from people on my LJ, weeks after I had disappeared. I will respond to your comments about Lake House after I've gotten caught up on what's been happening with everyone on my flist.