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sick and meh

I got sick on Saturday night(ish) - mostly just a sore throat that night, but I bascially was couch-ridden on Sunday with a headache/fever and sore throat... and then I took the day off work yesterday and basically pulled the same deal - napping and watching movies on the couch all day, feeling like crap. It's ok though, I kinda brought the sickness on myself by rebounding with Reboundboy on Thursday night when HE was sick.

I am just really tired today, and still a little overall yucky, but I am at work... no big deal, it's a quiet week (March break) - the thing is though... not sure why, but I feel horribly depressed today.

I am just sad... so sad... and I haven't a clue why. I know I miss my bird a lot... I found myself looking at pictures of similar cockatiels online yesterday, and one actually had an audio clip... and listening to it made me bawl...
I also think that I know Reboundboy is only a rebound, and for the first time in my life, other than the pointless crush on PS, I have NO crushes... no potentials, and really no desire to put the effort into meeting someone. It's so stupid, but I just want PS... that's all... it's been like a freaking year since our first eye sex, and man, I just want that boy so badly.

yeah... I don't have a lot to say... at least I am getting a massage tomorrow after work!! And GA is new this week :)

... also... up until the sickess on Sat night, I was having a pretty fun weekend :)
I just need to shake the funk.
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